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Builder Base Layouts - orkalass - 05-22-2017

Let's see 'em! I highly recommend you move some stuff around. When attacking, focus on getting stars from destroying their town hall.

[Image: fVZoBOl.jpg]

RE: Builder Base Layouts - orkalass - 05-25-2017

Ok. Let's add some more! First up is another one of my bases. I am still testing out defenses, but this one seems to work well against beta minions as well as starting troops. I focused on getting my builder hall to level 2. Then I worked on getting giants, doing research for arch/barb, doing giants lvl2, unlocking beta minions, and then I focused on rebuilding the gem mine. Beta minions are still level 1 and my research (Star Labs, Iron Man joke?) is still level 2. My mines and push traps are level 2. I am trying to keep elixir dedicated towards the gem mine for the time being. It can at least go to level 2 without another builder hall upgrade. After that is done, I will be working towards level 4 builder hall so I can unlock the Clock Tower that Marty McFly destroyed. Of course I am curious if the clock tower affects both villages or just the builder's. I like to max everything out before upgrading, but if it gets down to needing to spend elixir on research instead of gem mine, I'll upgrade without maxing research and barracks.

[Image: 6dyJKFU.jpg]

Here's another (not mine, names blacked out) that I found to be interesting. I'm a fan of clustering.
[Image: 07ow9hN.jpg]

Another of the same
[Image: CEW8MAL.jpg]

And last but not least, another user's village (names blacked out). I like this idea, forcing certain troops around parts of walls. Let me know what you guys think. It would also be anti-wall bomber!
[Image: qZ6449D.jpg]

I hope others start to share their builder's bases and findings as well. Here's one for simplicity. I like this a lot. We all know there's a hidden tesla between the archer tower and single canon. I fear you could easily defeat this with higher level giants and archers, attacking from the bottom.

[Image: d6nOmgG.jpg]

RE: Builder Base Layouts - Erakay - 05-25-2017

Thanks for sharing

RE: Builder Base Layouts - orkalass - 05-25-2017

(05-25-2017, 05:58 AM)תפחד Wrote: Thanks for sharing

It's my pleasure ^_^ We already have a ton of threads for farming settings and TH## bases. Once we progress, if there's enough interest, I can make new threads, or sort the threads (with admin/mod help) so people can easily find their current builder's base number and check out possible bases. I just hope others, like they have before, join in! Also, 180,000 elixir for either third army camp or gem mine. I'll prob do army camp, then gem mine. This way if gem mine maxes out at level 2 for Builder's Hall (BH) level 3, then I'll be that much closer to upgrading to level 4 and unlocking the clock tower!

RE: Builder Base Layouts - REMAND - 05-26-2017

[Image: Capture%20001.jpg]

found this on really well. my other accounts have the same design and are in the 1000 trophies range with builders hall lvl.

RE: Builder Base Layouts - orkalass - 05-29-2017

(05-26-2017, 02:43 AM)REMAND Wrote: [Image: Capture%20001.jpg]

found this on really well. my other accounts have the same design and are in the 1000 trophies range with builders hall lvl.

That looks nice. It is vulnerable to a barbarian rush on the top right corner, but that seems to be about it. I'll post my current base in a bit. I'd really love to get some pointers!

[Image: 00pyshw.jpg]

I've been losing a lot (I had 2 army bases, facing foes with 3) simply because I can't destroy their bases. I have never had anyone go beyond 50% destruction on this setup, and I'm pretty sure no one's destroyed my builder's hall yet. But I'd recommend all suggestions. I have everything built for lvl 2. I am not going to lvl 3 until I finish upgrading everything, sans research and walls.

RE: Builder Base Layouts - spygr - 06-01-2017

That's my base 
after many tries  Tongue and working really well Big Grin

[Image: wYQ4BX8.jpg]

RE: Builder Base Layouts - orkalass - 06-07-2017

(06-01-2017, 10:18 AM)spygr Wrote: That's my base 
after many tries  Tongue and working really well Big Grin
Yes it does. i stole your design and added the clock tower. I almost never lose. Thanks!
I forgot the pic
[Image: FF4EjxJ.jpg]

RE: Builder Base Layouts - burr - 06-07-2017

[Image: xSRwstR.jpg]

This is layout ive been using, i really haven't been playing builder base but when i do i get my 3 win within 3-6attacks using 4 barbs & 10 archers, i will update as i focus more on it