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Some future Ideas - jira7ya - 01-23-2020

Different Bot Profiles
I use the bot to get allot of resources in coc. During clanwars I use the bot as autodonator. It would be dope if you could make different profiles in the bot to just change the bot's behaviour with just a few clicks.

Training donated troops again
When I am using the bot as autodonator I always have the same amount of troops when I start on my army camps. 10 balloons, 10 wizards, 3 dragons and 2 pekkas. It would be a dope feature for the bot that when it donates troops, it automatically trains the donated troops again.

Stop bot when storages are filled
When I'm using the bot at night time and my storages are filled, the boot keeps attacking. These attacks are without any benefits because the storages are already filled. A dope feature would be that u can make the bot stop when a certain amount of resources is gathered.