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ClashFarmer v2.2 - RC8 supports Bluestacks5 / PIE64 and Compatible With The Most Recent Clash of Clans Update in 2024

(April 18th, 2024) ClashFarmer April 2024 Update:
Due to the recent Clash of Clans April update, there are a few steps which are needed in order to get the bot working:
Update the Clash of Clans app to the latest version.  If you update via the PlayStore, then you need to install the optional update.  If you use the APK method, then download from the below link.
This should get the bot working for you.  However, it is advised that you update your Bluestacks to version  This link has the full offline installer.
While the update to Bluestack is not required, it is recommended as the supported version for the bot will be moving to this version.

(April 15th, 2024) ClashFarmer v2.2 - RC8 - Release notes:
1. Clan castle no longer being "activated" with the heroes.
2. Fixed one more troop deployment bug.
3. Removed the "Limit targets by TH Level" on Search tab.
4. Fixed some installer permission bugs.

(April 10th, 2024) ClashFarmer v2.2 - RC7 - Release notes:
1. Fixed the Request Troops feature.
2. Fixed sieges being destroyed within a couple seconds.
3. Fixed spells being randomly dropped in attacks.

(April 4th, 2024) ClashFarmer v2.2 - RC6 - Release notes:
1. Fixed donation functionality (due to new clan chat design)

(February 5th, 2024) ClashFarmer v2.2 - RC5 - Release notes:
1. Fixed OCR for loot count.
2. Fixed donation functionality and OCR.
3. Hopefully fixed the need to rebind license.
4. GUI changed according to the recommendations.

(January 14th, 2024) ClashFarmer v2.2 - RC4 - Release notes:
1. Redesigned red line detection for improved accuracy.
2. Siege machines icon is now used for CC detection, this should fix bugs such as spells being deployed and other unexpected behavior.
3. Resolved a potential bug related to image file location assertion, and added relevant error messages for future debugging.
4. Addressed a bug in the locate utility function.
5. "Activate Heroes Abilities When They're Low on Health" setting has been removed since it's already present in the game options.
6. Improved Duplicate loot count bug during your "Next" cycle. Now, our retry mechanism gives "Next" a few more tries, ensuring accurate counts.

(December 24th, 2023) ClashFarmer v2.2 - RC3 - Release notes:
1. Boot time for emulator
2. Troop count issue in army overview (miner troop bug)
3. Loot count OCR
4. Redline detection
5. If there is no training progress for 5 minutes and army camp is atleast half full, the bot will go on to attack.
6. The bot timeout for seeking bases to attack increased from 60 to 120 seconds.

(December 17th, 2023) ClashFarmer v2.2 - RC2 - Release notes:
1. Fixed detection of troops and troop count on battle scene.

2. Fixed siege machine training.
3. Bot will no longer try to start the emulator if it is on break.
4. Improved ADB connection retry.
5. Some minor fixes. 

Items currently not working:

- Donations
- Wall Upgrades

(December 16th, 2023) ClashFarmer v2.2 - RC1: Supports Clash of Clans December 2023 Update - Release notes:
1. Fixed army overview window indicator.  

2. Fixed fonts across all windows and scenarios.
3. Fixed detection of some objects (buttons, lootcart, etc...)
4. Added handling of partial training window. 
5. Seeking target fixed.
6. Updated dead base detection. 

Known issues to be fixed:
- Red line detection is a little fuzzy.

- Please be aware  there are bound to be bugs/issues.  Items currently not working: donations, wall upgrades.

(December 8th, 2023) ClashFarmer v2.1 - RC7: Supports Clash of Clans October 2023 Update - Release notes:
1. Fixed the license key bug where it was not loaded from the config.db

2. Added setup section for excluding Clashfarmer paths from Windows Defender.
3. Setup will now create an Add/Remove entry in the Windows registry.
4. Uninstaller will now remove leftovers from registry.

(November 11th, 2023) ClashFarmer v2.1 - RC5 - Release notes:
1. Works with the latest October 2023 COC version.

2. Major performance improvements Python 2.7 -> Python 3.10
3. Tested on Bluestacks
4. Fixed Telegram notifications (entire module re-written).
5. Fixed the exception where CC had troops but no CC selected for attacks.
6. Disabled the in-bot feature to activate the hero ability when its low on health since it is not working correctly.

(September 13th, 2023) ClashFarmer v2.08 - RC5 - Release notes:
1. Works with the latest COC version 22.
2. Hero pets are now supported.
3. Fixed the issue where loot of more than 6 digits is not reported correctly.
4. Added support for Siege Barracks.
5. Added support for deploying Electro Titan, Dragon Rider & Apprentice Warden.
6. Fixed GUI bug in attack order list scrolling.

(August 26th, 2023) ClashFarmer v2.08 - RC4 - Release notes:
1. Updated buttons, graphics and locations to fix some unhandled situations.
2. Added better handling for some edge cases and a stability fix.
3. Debug can now be just turned on and off from the "Other" tab.
4. RC versions will also be included in the "About" tab. 

(May 24th, 2023) ClashFarmer v2.08 - Release notes (Optional Update):
1. Updated the bot button location for the "Server lost connection" popup so it can escape it successfully.
2. Changed the zoomout motion to reduce the risk of clicking on the builder base boat.
3. Fixed the issue that if the bot finds itself in the builder base it can navigate back to the regular base.
4. In Bluestack 5, the bot will now attempt to start the first instance of Pie64 instead of just any instance.

Important to read:
1) Tested on Bluestacks 5.13
If Bluestacks 5 is installed with CoC, the bot will use it instead of MEmu, it will also automatically configure it with all the required settings.
2) Version 2.X is a professional version, which requires a license key. You can purchase a professional license key starting from a one time payment of $5.99 for 30 days!


ClashFarmer Professional v2.2 - RC8