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Full Version: Troops Deployment Issue
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I am currently using professional 1.8.21 and the Memu emulator as suggested by the tutorial section of the website. I am having an issue with troops not deploying about half the time. I am using 90 archers, 12 giants and about 60 barbs. I am wondering if anyone knows how to fix this problem as if this occurs and the bot runs for a while it gets worse and worse not deploying more troops the longer it runs.
Can you post a picture of the Attack tab from the bot?
Picture of Attack tab is
you are consolidating all your troops in one area, maybe the bot is struggling to deploy all the troops in such a small space or is trying to deploy them too close to buildings and is failing. my settings are below. maybe try opening up the options a bit more. you have selected like me near red lines and near collectors, what happens if the collectors are all round the base or possibly in the areas where you have not selected. its going to limit where you can drop troops.

i use 22 giants and the remainder wizards, giants tank, while the wizards destroy. hope that helps. report back if you are more successful to help others if they face the same issue.

[Image: pouldab6583.png]
Thank you BoWitch as this fixes my issue.
You are welcome