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Full Version: Wall Upgrades
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So I got distracted and forgot about CoC a bit, but now I'm getting back into it.  Have always loved the bot, and recently renewed my license.

I'm slightly disappointed that the newest release doesn't seem to accommodate the new features from TH13.  Can't launch the new warrior, doesn't seem to be an option to launch the new siege machine.  I can understand the complexities of this and this isn't a major concern.

What is a major concern of mine is that there is no auto-wall upgrade for the new TH13 walls.  Part of why no one attacks my base in war is because my walls are completely stacked, thanks entirely to this bot.  While I don't find it a particular bother to check in on my gold to see if I can upgrade a wall throughout the day, I am concerned that doing so will derail my bot back at home, etc.

Is there any way to get ClashFarmer to auto-upgrade walls from TH12 to TH13 when my gold reaches a certain level?  I always had a builder on reserve for this specific function.  I expected this to be available when I downloaded RC6, but RC6 seems identical to the release from last year.  Please let me know if I'm installing it incorrectly,

Other nice to haves: new siege machine functionality, attack potions auto launching (bats, skeletons), and most importantly, please auto-launch the new Royal Champion!

Thanks for your continued support.