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Electro Dragons, Heroes, and Spells Strategies | March 7, 2019

Town Hall 12 Attacks – Electro Dragon & Balloon Army

Town Hall 12 introduced an impressive new defensive weapon – and placed in directly in the Town Hall itself. The mega tesla effect that can target up to five units at once is strong as is, but add in the giant bomb that explodes when the Town Hall is taken out and you have a game changer. Considering how important it is to take out the Town Hall in raids (for the resources) and in clan wars (every star matters), the giant bomb can make the Town Hall a difficult building to plan for without losing a majority of your army mid-attack.

Luckily for attackers the Electro Dragon wasn’t far behind the reveal of the TH12 mega defense. These massive beasts can take out multiple buildings at once and are a go-to troop for attacking top town hall levels. Whether you are raiding for dark elixir to upgrade your heroes or attacking in your next clan war, here is an easy to use – and easy to learn – attack focused on the Electro Dragon.

The Army

Here are the troops and spells you want to make for the army:

  • 10 Balloons
  • 2 Baby Dragons
  • 7 Electro Dragons
  • 3 Rage Spells
  • 5 Freeze Spells
  • Clan Castle – Rage Spell, Stone Slammer, and Balloons

Note: The Clan Castle Balloons can be replaced by an Electro Dragon and two Balloons or two regular Dragons. Try them all and decide which variation you prefer.

If you are a Town Hall 11 or haven’t finished upgrading the camps for Town Hall 12, drop Balloons from your army.

Step 1: Baby Dragons

Decide which side of the base you wish to attack from. Typically, you want to be able to completely avoid one of the air sweepers if possible. In this attack we are approach from the northwest side, also referred to as the 9 o’clock to 12 o’clock side – viewing the map as a clock, so 12 at the very top, 6 at the very bottom, etc.

Place one of your baby dragons at 9 and the other at 12.
Place one of your baby dragons at 9 and the other at 12

Step 2: Siege Machine and Balloons

Next in the center of the line between your Baby Dragons, drop the Stone Slammer followed by a line of all 10 Balloons. You can allow the Baby Dragons to clear out some of the edge buildings if they aren’t being targeted. But once the Stone Slammer is placed you want the Balloons to be dropped in quickly thereafter.

Siege Machine and Balloons


Step 3: Electro Dragons, Heroes, and Spells

Next drop all seven of your Electro Dragons in behind the Balloons. The Balloons will take out the air mines and air bombs, while the Baby Dragons will help create a funnel to keep the Electro Dragons inside the middle of the base. If the funnel has been well set drop your heroes in the middle of the line behind the Electro Dragons. If the base is hard to funnel, or a Baby Dragon was taken out by an air mine, you can use the Barbarian King first to help funnel and the Archer Queen if both sides still need work.

Make sure your Grand Warden is set to air before adding him to the battle.
Make sure your Grand Warden is set to air before adding him to the battle

Drop two rage spells over your troops side by side as they enter the base. Quickly thereafter use two freeze spells to stop the Air Sweeper they are facing as well as an Air Defense and/or Inferno Tower.

Drop your last two rage spells, again side by side, over the army and just slightly ahead of them to keep the dragons and Balloons moving forward. Use the remaining three freeze spells to halt Inferno Towers, Air Defenses and the Town Hall 12 defense. Scout the base ahead of time to get an idea of which areas will need to be frozen, but often this part of the attack required practice and judgement calls in the moment.

The final major element of your attack is the Grand Warden’s ability. The invincibility shield can help protect your troops from not only the Town Hall’s tesla and giant bomb, but also air mines, air defenses, and Inferno Towers. The issue comes down to timing. Ideally, you want to be able to save the ability for right before the TH12 bomb goes off. Whether you start the ability two seconds before the bomb or right before it triggers, save your ability to negate this massive defense.

Time to train up the army and start practicing with your clanmates using the Friendly Challenge.

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