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Competitive Wars and Clash of Clans Spring 2017 Update News | April 22, 2017

Clash of Clan Competitive War Events & Spring 2017 Update


While the next big in-game update is the topic on most every player’s minds these days, elite warring clans have been pressing forward with improving the competitive community. Once the friendly war challenge was introduced, war clans were finally given the change to select matchups and plan tournaments.

In today’s article we look at three notable competitions, as well as the latest communication from SuperCell on the update.

Competitive Wars in Clash of Clans

Champions War League

The most widely known and establish competition is the Champions War League(CWL). Season took some of the top war clans across the entire world and set out to find out who was the best in the world. As everyone knows, the current war matching system in the same is open to creating flawed pairings. Mismatched top bases or fully engineered clans going up against balanced clans, can ruin the entire war and waste multiple days.

The tournament used a format similar to the World Cup, starting with a group stage where each team played each other. The top clans from each group then advanced to a knockout bracket. Between the momentum of the tournament and the press it received from the major YouTube channels, SuperCell ended up officially recognizing it and hosted the live final on their YouTube channel.

The final battled the well-known OneHive clan against an undefeated German side in Dark Looters. You can watch the entire two-hour final here. Season two is already underway, and applications for season three will begin soon.

The competitions has four leagues now (from hardest to easiest, but still more difficult than your average war) – Invite, Premier, Rising and Lite.  Before you decide to sign up, keep in mind that your clan cannot be accepted if it has too many rushed or engineered accounts. Thus if you are serious about trying to claim a spot among the top war clans in the world, focus on balancing out your accounts.

MLCW (Miner League Clan Wars)

Very similar to the CWL and already in their third season, the MLCW is a highly competitive war scene. There are three divisions – Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Grand Warden. Each require a different mixture of Town Hall 9 bases up through Town Hall 11. (Note: Most of the major competitions require bases to be at least Town Hall 9, but there are a few out there which allow in Town Hall 8s.)

The league admins setup the schedule and post who the representatives from each clan are. The clans are responsible for scheduling their wars each week, and have the entire week to do so, based on their preference.

U.S.A Clash of Clans Cup

As this trend grows, regional competitions will begin to formalize and likely lead to much larger and longer global competitions from the winners. The USA Clash of Clans Cup is designed to find the best war clan in the United States. Again, it is for Town Hall 9s and up, fair play is required, and match-ups have a week to take place. This competition does feature double-elimination though, which is a bit more forgiving when dealing with such open parameters.

So until the development teams implements a better way to be ranked and climb up those rankings in-game, we have these competitions. These groups are doing a great job of organizing these events and helping push Clash of Clans to one day having a stable e-gaming league.

The Spring 2017 Clash of Clans Update

The news that everyone is waiting for centers around the next major game update. While specific details of the update are not yet out, we do know that it is coming soon and looks to be quite large. There are rumors floating around the internet and on some of the major YouTubers channels that a part of the update involves bringing in a ship to the game. Your base does have a coast line…

On Thursday, the Clash of Clans development team had the following tweet:


Which was then followed up by popular YouTube and Clash event host Powerbang, who seems to be very excited about the upcoming gameplay:


While there isn’t an exact date yet, it would be very surprising to see it not arrive sometime before the end of May. Until then happy clashing and check out the competition war scene.

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