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June 2017 COC Update News | June 27, 2017

Clash of Clans June 2017 Update – Builder Hall 6

The first update since the introduction of the Builder Base was rolled out to players on Tuesday. The developers delivered new troop and defensive building levels for the home base, introduced a new level 6 builder base, plus brand new additions to that side of the game.

Town Hall 11 Defense Gets Stronger

Both the Cannon and the Archer Tower now have a new level 15 to combat mass attacks. Increased point defense should help against some of the current meta mass bowler, miner or balloon raids in the game. In addition, the cost of cannon levels 10 through 14, and archer tower levels 9 through 14 have all been reduced. If you haven’t already, focus on upgrading both of these as they add relatively low war weight and are quite useless against multiple army types.

The other big, and scary news (for attackers), is a brand new level 5 Inferno Tower. Available at Town Hall 11, this beast of a defense will quickly burn down LavaLoon or Bowler-Witch raids. Important to note that the first stage in the single mode setting for the Inferno Tower has been balanced to make the multi-mode damage before it ramps up the destruction.

Start Saving That Elixir

Five troops are receiving new levels, including the much anticipated Healer level 5. Maxed out at level 4 for nearly two years, this new healer level helps sustain Queen and Bowler walks against those pesky point defenses at Town Hall 11. The P.E.K.K.A., Wizard, Miner and Wall Breaker are the other troops getting new levels at Town Hall 11. Here is a look at the stat increases and cost:

  • Healer – Level 5 – 9,500,000 elixir – +19 heath (to 90) & +300 hitpoints (to 1500)
  • Wall Breaker – Level 7 – 9,000,000 elixir – +18 damage (to 78) & +8 hitpoints (to 62)
  • Wizard – Level 8 – 9,000,000 elixir – +15 damage (to 215) & +20 hitpoints (to 210)
  • Pekka – Level 6 – 10,000,000 elixir – +50 damage (to 460) & +500 hitpoints (to 5,000)
  • Miner – Level 5 – 9,500,000 elixir – +8 damage (to 112) & +70 hitpoints (to 800)

In addition, the hitpoints for Dragon levels 4 through 6, and Hog Rider levels 6 and 7, have all been increased.

Even those these are all quite expensive upgrades, I would recommend getting the Healer first. Around a 25% increase in healing ability is a game changer for Queen walks. Both in raiding for resources and in clan wars, healed troops can now last longer or up against stronger concentrated areas of point defense. Wall breaker offers up the second best benefit from this update, especially considering the last update increased the strength of a single bomb. At only a 7% increase, Wizard level 8 doesn’t offer enough fire power to warrant moving for that research first.

Builder Base Level 6

And as to be expected for the next year or so, any update will bring new content to the Builder Base side of Clash of Clans. As discussed in the last article, the Builder Base doesn’t have a real impact on the main game just yet, and that continues with level 6 and the new units. It does however offer some interesting new game mechanics which players will hope to see on their home base in the future.

A complaint from day one was the inability to watch your opponent attack your base after completing your attack. Watching live battles is now possible, so you are no longer left sitting their wondering and waiting.

Here is an overview of the changes that come along with Builder Hall level 6:

  • Defenses: 1 additional Archer Tower and Crusher
  • Traps: 1 additional Mine and Mega Mine
  • Walls: 4 additional wall segments
  • Levels: Everything expect the spring trap can go up to a level 6 at the new Builder Base.
  • Resources: Collectors, storages, the gem mine and the clock tower can be upgraded to level 6 now
  • Clock Tower: This beloved unit is getting a reduction in duration by 50%, speed down to 8x instead of 10x, but the cooldown cycle will now only be 7 hours.
  • Battle Machine: Now can be upgraded to a level 10 hero.
  • Archer Tower: The rapid fire or longer range option can now be transferred to one archer over on your home base, once it hits level 6 (BB) and level 10 (HB).

New Units!

Possibly the best part of the Builder Base to date is the new, creative units being infused into the game. Level 6 introduces the Night Witch. She spawns bats rather than skeletons and upon destruction turns into a final swarm of bats. To balance this new offensive addition, The Roaster spits out bursts of fire in a splash damage format to both air and ground units.

Objective #1, save enough gold to get to Builder Base level 6 immediately.

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