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Clash of Clans Spring Update Full Review – May 2017 News | May 24, 2017

Clash of Clans Spring Update Full Review – May 2017

The long awaited and much hyped spring update has finally arrived in Clash of Clans. Outside of balancing updates and periodic in-game challenges, the game hasn’t seen a notable update in nearly a year. The development team built the anticipation on this update, dropping no sneak peaks, and dragging out the wait with short videos of three troops sailing across the sea.

The majority of new content centers around the Builder Base. While there are changes to the main base, that is clearly not the focus on this update cycle. Before we dive into the details, it is safe to say that the Clash community is split on this update. Some love the new mode/village, while others find it a distraction from changes that would have made a bigger impact on the existing base.

If you love Clash Royale you will likely enjoy the Builder Base. If you hate Clash Royale, this is village will seem like an unwelcome chore.

COC Builder Base

Introducing the Builder Base

After years of having the base set along the coast, a few brave clashers built a boat and sailed out into the unknown. At the end of their journey they discovered the Builder’s Base! An entirely new world that feels similar and yet different at the same time.

Everyone is starting over at the beginning in this new world. There is a ton to get to and a lot to discover as players unlock new troops and work on attack and defensive strategies. For today we will cover the main elements of the new content and get into strategy in the weeks ahead.

The new mode is all about ease of play. Troops will build automatically after each battle, each camp can only hold one type of unit, and players have a minute to switch out their troop types once they’ve previewed the opponent’s base. For now, there are no spells in the Builder world, but troops unlock abilities, similar our traditional heroes.

The activity centers around Versus Battle. You have three minutes to attack an opponent’s base, while they are attacking yours. The player with the higher number of stars or percentage wins the trophies. If there is a tie, no one wins and no one loses anything. You can win 3 battles a day for loot to help build up your base.

There is a global and local leaderboard to show who is the highest ranked player in the world. Although, if you want to be there quickly, you’ll need some gems. Several players bought everything possible in the opening 24 hours in order to jump to the top.

So much content was packed into this new update let’s roll through a few more:

  • New defenses have toggle modes like the skeleton traps in the main base. The archer tower can switch between a longer range or a faster attack.
  • Fun new defensive traps such as the push trap to redirect units and the Crusher.
  • Clock Tower – Boost everything in your base for a 14-minute stretch.
  • Gem Mine – Yes, that’s right you can mine gems now!

Technology from this new world can be used to increase the strength of your home base. Once players have unlocked certain levels on defenses in the Builder Base, a ‘Gear Up’ option will be available back home to unlock those special features discovered from the Master Builder. More on that to come in the future.

Main Base Balancing Update

Now the main base wasn’t completely forgotten, but you would be forgiven if you feel like that. Many people were hoping for a new troop or improvements to the clan war system. Here is a quick rundown of the changes:

  • Clone Spell Level 5

    A max clone spell now can produce 40 capacity worth of troops, so 8 balloons, 5 valks, or 8 hogs. Level 3 of the Clone Spell is now available at Town Hall 10. The spell still takes up four spaces, which is a steep cost for players to pay in order to even try out these new levels to determine their worth.

  • Freeze Spell Level 6

    Another level at Town Hall 11 to help against the top level defenses. However, keep in mind that upgrading the freeze spell adds a significant amount of weight to your war base, so only research it if you actively use it.

  • Heal Spell Level 7

    Finally a new level of heal for Town Halls 10 and 11. This will aid valk and hog attacks in the upper levels when going against those pesky Inferno Towers.

  • Resources!

    Town Hall 9 players can now build a 7th elixir pump and gold mine. This should help players get through all of the research and walls at Town Hall 9 while working on their heroes.

  • The Bomb is Back!

    Regular size bombs get a boost in power to ensure that a single one can always kill a wallbreaker on the same level. Move your bombs into positions where you think an attacker will try to enter your base. If they drop all their wall breakers at once, it could severely impact their strategy. How do you avoid falling into this pit trap? Send in a scout wallbreaker, before sending in the second and third.

  • Another Balloon Change

    The balloons seem to be a big focus these last few updates. As easily seen in the game now, the LavaLoon attack is everywhere (sometimes effective, and other times entertaining to watch someone wildly drop Lava Hounds and Balloons expecting it to win). This update makes the loons first attack a big weaker, but speeds up the time until the second drop.

  • Spell Research Discounts

    The team also lowered the research cost on Freeze Spells (all levels), Clone Spells (all levels), and the Heal Spell (levels 4 & 5).

In 2016, the game didn’t receive an update after the May one until October. However, don’t expect that to continue in 2017. The Builder Base will get new content throughout the summer and something will be in the pipeline for the Clan War community. For now enjoy and clash on!

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