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Does COC Builder Base Really Impact the Home Base Yet? Strategies | June 25, 2017

Does the Builder Base Really Impact the Home Base Yet?

After a long gap between gameplay updates, and weeks (if not months) of hype, the Builder Base was the bid reveal in Clash of Clans. The new base offers a fresh start in a sense, new troops and defense buildings, and a focus on competitive one-on-one battles. However, for most clashers, does the builder base have any impact on the home (main) base?

In this article, we will analyze the three types of clashers in the game and assess if Builder Base results in any impact on their style of play. What does this new game mode offer players focused on clan wars, trophy pushing and/or farming?

The Clan War Community

The majority of clashers would consider clan wars to be their primary focus and goal within the game at the moment. There are known issues around war matchmaking, understanding a base’s war weight and the lack of a league and/or ranking system. Not to mention the inability to match engineered clans together and balanced clans together.

The Builder Base offers nothing in terms of any of these problems. In fact, the one connection that the two bases have at the moment (outside of a few gems) is the ability to toggle the cannon setting. Bringing over the technology from the Builder Base, players can set a single cannon to either be a double cannon with faster fire, but shorter range, or keep things as is. Double Cannon info page

Even if you were to opt for the double cannon mode, the impact of one cannon will have almost no positive impact on defending in war. Especially considering the current wave of Lavaloon attacks. Thus, if the clan wars are your scene, this new update is little more than a time filler at the moment while waiting on your main army to complete.

Double Cannon

Trophy Pushing

Perhaps clan wars are not your focus, or you’ve maxed out your base (congrats!) and are now pushing to see how high in Titan league you can climb. Prior to the update the main complaints were the ability to find opponents (avoid sitting in the clouds) and the discrepancy between trophies offered vs. trophies lost on a failed raid. What does the Builder Base have to offer a trophy pusher’s home base?

Opponents are matched in real time with other players currently online in the Builder Base. Which means sitting in the clouds is almost never an issue, or for just a moment. However, this doesn’t change anything back home. Now Builder Base is all about trophies. The more you have the higher your league and the more loot you win. For trophy pushers, this is an ideal setup. Since everyone you battle is in a similar trophy range at that moment, the potential win / loss difference in trophies is more reasonable.

In summary, Builder Base is a game mode that a trophy pusher would enjoy, but it doesn’t solve any issue they have back on their main base. Again, a fun side game, but nothing significant.


People who love to farm want two things, easy bases to attack and cheap troops. The more dead bases the better. Easy to access collectors or storages that a simple Barch, Goblin raid, or Archer Queen walk attack are core to these players clashing life. What benefits does a new Builder Base offer this group?

As noted above, the Builder Base only brings over a double cannon at the moment. That single defense will not save your resources or make it dramatically harder to access loot. And unlike for the trophy pushers, the new game mode is completely against this style of play. Only three battles a day can yield resources. More than that and only additional trophies can be secured.

In fact, during raids targeting collectors or storages doesn’t really have much of a purpose. Thus, if farming the Home Base is a player primary objective, there is almost no incentive for them to worry about the Builder Base at the moment.


New troops are fun to play with. And new defenses provide interesting new animations to crush defenses (pun intended). But unless you enjoy trophy pushing, the Builder Base doesn’t offer a lot of benefit right now. Play a few raids while your main army is building, and upgrade and research when you can. But until more connections between the bases are created, the focus should not be in this new world.

Builder Hall Level 6 Coming Soon

SuperCell is pushing forward with Builder Base upgrades with Hall level 6 right around the corner. You can check out a preview of those updates here.

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