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Strategies | September 20, 2016


Whether your goal is to succeed in war, climb as high as you can get in the trophies or simply upgrade your base you need resources. The process of gaining more resources than you are spending during attacking is farming. Resource farming is made up of three different components – which trophy range you are in, how you have designed your defense, and what troop combination / strategy you use on offense. Today’s article we will focus on part three of this series – the offensive strategy. Make sure to check out Parts 1 & 2 of the series at COC RECOMMENDED TROPHY RANGE FOR FARMING & DEFENSIVE DESIGN FOR FARMING

The concept of farming began with the idea of dropping trophies to reach a lower league and attack easier bases. While that can still work at times, due to some changes by the Clash of Clans development team that doesn’t necessarily provide the best results. The first change made it so players are presented with town halls at their own level for the majority of the time. So even dropping 5 leagues, if you are a Town Hall 8 you will still see more Town Hall 8s than other levels. The second change was the introduction of win bonuses for each raid and daily star bonuses. Both encourage attacking at a higher level and trying to destroy as much of the base as possible.

So how best to farm now?

Considering those changes, the basic principle still exists – you want to spend less on your army than you take in. Whether you are Town Hall 7 or Town Hall 11, you always want to bring in more than you spend. Avoid high cost troops such as the golem, pekka and dragon. Instead focus on low cost troops that can be quickly trained to increase the number of raids you can do in a day. Thin giants, archers, barbarians, minions, wizards.

Plan for attacks that can get you at least two stars. For example, if you are in Crystal 2 and get 80% of the base / 2 star, you would get a 50k bonus of gold and elixir each raid, and after 5 stars that day 200k of each resource, along with 1,000 dark elixir. Thus focus on the cheapest army you can make but that is still strong enough to get you at least two stars.

Army Types

There are many variations out there and depending on your level or what resource you are collecting this will change. Here are just a few examples of farming armies that work well by Town Hall level.

Town Halls 1-6: Barbarians / Archers / Goblins / Wallbreakers. Add in a few Giants once you get them. The idea is to launch Giants or Barbs are the base to distract, archers pick off resources for a distance and goblins quickly take down collectors
Town Halls 7-8: Giants -> Wall breakers -> Barb/Arch/Wiz support -> Goblins. Add in a few heals to keep the army going when there is still enough loot left to make it worth spending a spell.
Town Halls 9-11: Archer Queen walk. 4 Healers on the queen along with rage spells as needed to take out 25% of the base and create a funnel. Then a combination of Giants / Wizards / Goblins / Valks / Wallbreakers to destroy the instead of the base along with your Barb King.

Elixir first then Dark Elixir

Once you hit Town Hall 8 if you can quickly get through your elixir upgrades first it will make farming for dark elixir that much easier. For example, at Town Hall 9 once you’ve completed elixir troop research, farming for dark using a Queen walk and then mass level 6 balloons. Using that combination along with poison for the clan castle and a few archers/wizards to clean up you can quickly farm dark elixir to upgrade your heroes.

The Milking Strategy

This is a fast and cheap way to quickly get resources. Train up all goblins, or a few wall breakers as well if you prefer. Then for spells just jump and poison (for the enemy’s castle). Look for bases that have full collectors. The jump spells are to help reach full storages inside by either the goblin army or the Archer Queen. Typically, 6 or so goblins will take out a collector in time. The aim of this strategy is the speed in which you can train and raid, vs. massive individual raids. Only use your Queen if it is profitable, because you want her to be available for each raid and not slow down the training timing.


Remember spend less on your army than you are getting in from raiding. Aim for two star victories that get close to 80% destruction. Raid at the level you can hit those marks at and not lower. Try different combinations to find the perfect one for how you play. Finally, consider aiming for one resource at a time to make it easier to build up. Good luck in your raids and hopefully you find many full collectors waiting for you!

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