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Full Version: ClashFarmer Professional 1.18.20, compatible with Clash of Clans December 2018 Update
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ClashFarmer Professional version 1.8.20, compatible with December 2018 Clash of Clans Winter Update  is Out Now!
ClashFarmer 1.8.20 is currently available for users with professional license key only. You can purchase a professional license key here, starting from only $5.99 for 30 days!
The free version will be also released soon, but were not sure exactly when. 

ClashFarmer works the best with MEmu older versions. We recommend MEmu 2.9.6. All the download links and  common solutions to common problems, can be found in our FAQ. BlueStacks emulator is not supported. 

Known bugs:
1) Clan castle troops are not being deployed.
2) New wall levels not yet included in "Automatic Wall Upgrade" feature. 
3) Some users experiencing issues using Pushbullet.

[December 11th 2018] - ClashFarmer 1.8.20 - RC3:
1) Supercell changed the way they render the base, so some adaptations to the bot were made, and it should now work smoothly.
2) For better bot performance and stability, disable the falling snow (the bot should also work with the snow, but it is recommended to switch it off)
Idea To disable snow in Clash of Clans =>

Arrow DOWNLOAD LINK FOR CLASHFARMER 1.8.20 - RC3 (Professional version only)
Thank you for getting the update out so quickly!

It might need a slight tweak as the bot struggles to zoom out after you've finished a battle.

The zooming seems okay when you launch the bot, and when you're in a troop training cycle, but not immediately after a battle.
Still says can not reach a zoomed out state.
i brought the license key but didn't received key number yet
(12-10-2018, 11:16 PM)CaptainBones Wrote: [ -> ]Still says can not reach a zoomed out state.

Also having this issues
yeah If you give it a lil shake in memu fixes it but soon as it comes out of attack same problem occurs.
Same issue too, now I uninstalled it because I didn’t know now my bot just stays at starting bot. If issue is not fixed will not buy this again. I don’t know how to fix the starting bot issue
Just purchased and downloaded the latest version. Will not properly zoom for me as well. any advice? thanks
As with other's it doesn't attack, and stuck on the zoom out
This problem is in the works guys.
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